About North West Eyes

North West Eyes began in 2003 at its present location in Carthage St. Over the ensuing years the practice has rapidly grown with increasing patient numbers and new doctors working in the practice. Ophthalmology has benefitted from massive technological changes over this time which has allowed new treatments for previously untreatable eye disease to be developed. This has meant a great increase in the numbers of patient consults and also the amount of different eye tests to be done during a consult.

North West Eyes has managed to stay at the forefront of this technology and has constantly updated equipment as new technology has become available.  As more equipment is needed to take advantage of the technology, more rooms were needed to accommodate this equipment. In 2011 the rooms were almost doubled in size to provide room for the growing equipment and numbers of patients that are seen.

We currently have a passionate team of Doctors, Nurses, Ophthalmic Assistants, Office Staff and an Orthoptist. Together we aim to provide a comprehensive ophthalmology service in a friendly, rural setting.

Due to the demand and relative undersupply of rural specialists, most work days at North West Eyes are very full as we aim to accommodate patients with ongoing regular eye care, semi urgent problems and acute emergencies that have to be squeezed in to already busy days. Due to this demand and to the fact that many tests and scans usually need to be done to full assess eye problems, a regular eye consult can take up to several hours to complete.

Practice Gallery

Photos showing the evolution of the practice to what it has become today.